Arizona Targets Pregnant Women

A dog turns out to be a woman’s best friend in Arizona’s latest anti-smoking TV commercial, targeted at pregnant Hispanic women.
Produced by Optimo Hispanic Advertising and Small But Mighty Films, both in Phoenix, the spot takes aim at a broad Hispanic demographic by combining a traditional family-oriented scenario with a contemporary message, said David Diaz, senior copywriter at Optimo. “We’re trying to blend that happy medium,” he said.
The commercial features a concerned Hispanic family trying to rid the house of cigarettes and ashtrays before Luci, the expectant mother, comes home. Just as she walks through the door, the dog saves the day by hiding the last pack of cigarettes under a chair. The voiceover says, “It’s everybody’s job to help a pregnant woman avoid the temptations of smoking.”
Optimo and Small But Mighty have produced six other spots for the Arizona Department of Health Services’ anti-smoking effort; this is the first to target expectant mothers.
The spot is airing on Univision and Telemundo for four months.