Archipelago Urges New Habits

A new campaign from Fallon for Archipelago en courages traders to break bad habits when it comes to making stock transactions.

“We want [traders] to see Archipelago as a better option,” said David Sigel, group account director at the Minneapolis agency.

The work, which launches this week, introduces the tag, “Break a new habit. Trade your ex change.” The line replaces “Everything out in the open,” which ran for two years.

Three television spots depict grown men unable to let go of their childhood habits. In one, a man, scared by a noise in the night, runs to his parents’ house and climbs into their bed. Other commercials depict a company president unwilling to part with his “blankie” before meeting with a new client, and a man in a restaurant who is surly and hungry before bending down to suckle at his mother’s breast.

All the spots employ a voiceover that says, “Sometimes you need to let go of old habits.”

“Our message is sometimes you’re better off when you outgrow your old ways,” Sigel said.

The campaign will be supported by a direct mail effort, which will include a compact disc from the Fictitious Naturals, who sing the praises of Archipelago.

The complicated nature of Archipelago, an electronic stock exchange, makes a wide variety of media necessary, Sigel said. “TV ads could never be the only thing we’re doing,” he said. “It’s impossible to talk about Archipelago completely in 30 seconds.”

The campaign is a new tactic for the exchange, which purports to offer a radically different way to facilitate stock trades. Two years ago, Fallon introduced the network through advertising that depicted a world with no secrets. In one spot, a job interviewer and an interviewee readily admit the lies on their résumés.

A follow-up campaign last year highlighted the Chicago company’s alternative method of doing business. It presented a world in which there was no competition and cars explode at the slightest bump.

Both efforts employed the “Everything out in the open” tag.

“We had to establish the brand for Archipelago and position them as the most open and fairest marketplace,” Sigel said.