Arbitron Brings PPM to DOOH’s BroadSign

So far, Arbitron hasn’t had much luck extending its portable people meter technology to other media, but maybe it will have better success breaking into the growing digital out-of-home space.

In an agreement announced Wednesday (Sept. 16) with BroadSign International, a company that provides software for managing video-advertising networks, Arbitron will use the PPM to deliver a proof-of-play auditing service to advertisers in networks powered by BroadSign.

To conduct a series of annual audits, Arbitron will place PPMs on networked digital screens in 50 random BroadSign-run locations across the U.S. Data from the PPM, which tracks encoded commercials in audio content, will be compared to the BroadSign commercial schedule. (For the PPM-powered verification system to work, the video-advertising networks must broadcast both audio and video.)

As the medium matures, advertisers will demand more accountability metrics to justify increased ad spending. Even without verification and audience measurement, digital video-advertising networks are expected to bring in nearly $1.5 billion in advertising this year, a 5.8 percent increase over 2008, per PQ Media. In 2010, video-ad networks will grow 8.8 percent to more than $1.6 billion.

“For screen audience numbers to be relevant to advertisers, you have to prove first that their ads played as scheduled and the screens were on,” said Brian Dusho, president and chief strategy officer for BroadSign. “By auditing our proof-of-play reporting system with the help of Arbitron, we are giving our client networks an added level of transparency and assurance for justifying ad rate cards and for their negotiations with advertisers.”

BroadSign hosts 165 client networks, such as ChannelM, CBS Outernet and Zoom Media & Marketing.