Aquarium’s Dolphins Star in Eisner Spots

ATLANTA Eisner Communications is set to launch its latest advertising for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the shop said.

The Baltimore shop has developed two 30-second television commercials to promote the aquarium’s newest feature, a dolphin show. The ads will air starting this week on local stations in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, according to Eisner.

In “Sushi,” an employee taking his lunch break at the dolphin pool gets splashed and robbed of his meal. The man looks on in amazement as a dolphin swims away. A voiceover says, “Let the fun begin.”

Stephen Etzine, executive creative director at Eisner, said that the goal of the ads is to use humor to convey the interpersonal way in which dolphins relate to people.

“We watched the show and talked to trainers and realized that dolphins are much more intelligent than we may realize,” added Etzine. “The dolphins play tricks on trainers and are very unpredictable and we wanted to find the best way to illustrate their personality.”

Another spot, called “Splash,” presents dolphins drenching young show attendees who are sitting in the “splash zone.” Etzine said that the dolphins and children enjoy splashing and being splashed equally as much.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.