Aqua Teen Hunger Force Returns, Briefly, So That Carl Can Promote Deadpool 2

The Adult Swim cult favorite was canceled in 2015

Carl stands in a dead pool to tell you about Deadpool 2.

Much like the invincible Deadpool, you can’t keep Carl Brutananadilewski down.

The gruff and volatile suburbanite survived the 2015 cancellation of Aqua Teen Hunger Force after 11 seasons, with his character living on via two online Adult Swim series: Carl’s Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week and Pregame Prognostifications from the Pigskin Wyzzard.

And now he’s back in the world of Aqua Teen, even standing in the very pool where countless shenanigans occurred during the show’s lengthy run (with the highlight, I’d say, being when a robot ghost filled the pool with blood, leading it to be purchased by Danzig).

But Carl isn’t here to bring back Aqua Teen. He’s here to tell you about Deadpool 2:

“We’ve found that the best branded content looks and feels like the shows themselves. So we went straight to the source to work directly with Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis for their take on Deadpool 2,” says Gill Austin, senior creative director for Adult Swim. “Dave also voices the character of Carl, so we were doubly fortunate in this case.”

Alas, there’s no sign that Aqua Teen will be returning as a full show any time soon, but this clip is sure to keep fans hoping for more.


Client: 20th Century Fox
SVP, Media Promotions: Michelle Marks,
VP, Media Promotions: Sarah Coombs
Agency: Zenith
Show Creators & Writers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
VP, Production, Adult Swim: Chris Hartley
Sr. Creative Director, Adult Swim: Gill Austin
Partnership Marketing Manager, Adult Swim: Shannon McKnight
Production: Awesome Incorporated
VP, Content Partnerships, Turner Ignite: Melisa Blatt,
Manager, Content Partnerships, Turner Ignite: Ryan Ingram

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