April Fools’ Day 2013: Best of the Brand Hoaxes


April Fools’ 2013 – Scope

Scope was out of the gate early with Scope Bacon, a new bacon-flavored mouthwash.


April Fools’ 2013 – Twitter

Twitter disemvowels the net by announcing Twttr, a free consonant-only service. To get regular Twitter, you have to pay for your vowels.


April Fools’ 2013 – Snickers

Snickers introduces Snickettes. So small they're nuts!


April Fools’ 2013 – Seamless

Seamless is offering "deluxe delivery" from a supermodel, an Adonis or a surprise delivery person.


April Fools’ 2013 – Think Geek


April Fools’ 2013 – NPR

NPR gives us satire rife with nostalgia with a story about a group of 1990s re-enactors called Hootie and the Time Travelers.


April Fools’ 2013 – Conan

Coco lovers rejoice! Conan has started Conan State University. I hope they're called the Barbarians.


April Fools’ 2013 – U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is turning grumpy cats into soldiers.


April Fools’ 2013 – Honda

Honda gives us HondaHAIR, the first-ever mobile barbering tool, available for the 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite.


April Fools’ 2013 – Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay has moved its servers to America, land of freedom.


April Fools’ 2013 – Hulu

Hulu has fake shows and movies, including Itchy & Scratchy (from The Simpsons), The Rural Juror (from 30 Rock) and Ya Heard? With Perd! (from Parks and Rec).


April Fools’ 2013 – Barclaycard

Barclaycard brings up PayWag, so your dog can pay.


April Fools’ 2013 – Virgin

Virgin creates world's first glass-bottomed plane.


April Fools’ 2013 – Mother New York

Mother New York announced that after nearly 237 years with their current agency, The Illuminati has named Mother as its new agency of record.


"The Illuminati Names Mother New York Agency of Record"

NEW YORK, NY – April 1, 2013 - After nearly 237 years with their current agency, The Illuminati has named Mother New York its new agency of record. Creative duties for the account shifted after a pitch that included five undisclosed agencies.

To date, The Illuminati brand has followed a subtle advertising strategy that has included teasers on US currency, branded partnerships with world leaders and other non-traditional campaigns.

While some close followers have recognized the work, awareness has remained low according to The Illuminati, with less than 2% of the population acknowledging the organization's efforts, despite the nearly $200 billion the group spends in annual media.

A spokesperson for The Illuminati, speaking under anonymity, stated that while they generally appreciated the depth and complexity of the previous agency's multi-platform work, they were looking to increase broad awareness and counter some negative perceptions. "We control the world, but nobody seems to know it. Our communications need to work a lot harder. Mother can lead us in our global efforts. Together they've helped us modernize the look without losing the rich heritage and symbols of the brand."

Recently, a 30-part integrated teaser campaign failed to resonate with core consumers, Millennials, in the US market. An anonymous board member of The Illuminati pointed blame to the creative which depicted a small eye on top of an apple, but many have also pointed to a fragmented media buy, citing the lack of reach of a pedestal in the inside of a church in Boston.

When asked why they chose Mother, sources within The Illuminati said, "We were impressed that they were the only agency that didn't rely on a high-profile assassination as part of their concept."

Many expect that The Illuminati will start buying more traditional media and change their tagline from "Control the world" to "Control your world" to be friendlier and let consumers feel more a part of the brand story.

Mother declined comment, saying this account doesn't exist.

Media buying will still be handled by the Federal Reserve.


April Fools’ 2013 – Google

Google created Google Nose, the new scentsation in search, which lets you search based on scents.


April Fools’ 2013 – Google Maps

Google Maps added Secret Treasure Maps.


April Fools’ 2013 – Google Enterprise

Google Enterprise has created the Levity Algorithm.


April Fools’ 2013 – Gmail

Gmail has come out with Gmail Blue. Just like Gmail, only bluer.


April Fools’ 2013 – YouTube

Google's YouTube declares that all along, the video site has actually been an elaborate competition to find the Best Video Ever. Now, that contest is closing, and YouTube is ready to pick a winner and delete every other video.

They're doing a 12-hour interactive live stream of the video awards, and you can play along, voting for your faves on the Twitter (or the G+ because hello? Google owns YouTube!)

I can't wait to see who's declared the winner.


April Fools’ 2013 – American Eagle

American Eagle introduces Skinny Skinny spray-on jeans with a video that's not nearly as sexy as you might like.


April Fools’ 2013 – Sony

Sony is releasing Animalia, a new tech line for pets!


April Fools’ 2013 – Toshiba

Toshiba has created the Shibasphere, a gaming console that's a game-changer.


April Fools’ 2013 – Samsung

Samsung is making Eco Trees. They run on sunlight and create oxygen!


April Fools’ 2013 – BMW

BMW announces the BMW P.R.A.M. in time for the royal baby. It's BMW's first stroller!


April Fools’ 2013 – Funny or Die

Funny or Die is going to crowdfund a metric ton of movies about '90s TV shows.


April Fools’ 2013 – Oberlin College

Small liberal-arts college Oberlin has become Meowberlin, an institute of higher learning for cats, proving once again that the Internet will pay attention to you if you do something with cats.


April Fools’ 2013 – The White House

The real White House has collaborated with YouTube's kid president.


April Fools’ 2013 – Skype

Skype introduces Skype Into Space.


April Fools’ 2013 – Microsoft

Microsoft introduces the Do Not Tracksuit.


April Fools’ 2013 – Microsoft Windows Phone

Windows Phone has created the Pocket Locket, a wearable Windows Phone locket. (Hey guys, it’s not fair to test-drive new product concepts today!)


April Fools’ 2013 – GrubHub

Online restaurant delivery guru GrubHub has created KibbleHub (again with the kittens!)


April Fools’ 2013 – Reyka

Iceland's Reyka vodka now comes in volcanic ash flavor.


April Fools’ 2013 – Doner

Ad agency Doner sent a memo around telling employees that their bathroom access was now restricted.


April Fools’ 2013 – Space150

Space150 has launched a Drone Insights Division, evolving the way the ad industry captures and leverages consumer behavior data.


April Fools’ 2013 – Vimeo

Vimeo is Vimeow. Your cat videos belong here.


April Fools’ 2013 – The Guardian

The Guardian introduced Guardian Goggles, augmented reality specs that automatically redact conservative commentary, allowing immersive liberal insight.


April Fools’ 2013 – Kayak

Kayak, the online vacation search engine, is now also a dating service.


April Fools’ 2013 – DeviantArt

DeviantArt, the online artist portal, is now DeviantHeart, the exclusive dating site for artists. (Guys, if your website already serves that purpose, it’s not an April Fools' prank.)


April Fools’ 2013 – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters brings you the MaxiTube dress, which is just hideous.


April Fools’ 2013 – Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids is offering Shower Patch Kids Body Wash. Ewww, good one!


April Fools’ 2013 – Whole Foods

Whole Foods created the Cattle Cam, which lets you watch what your meat eats. (Honestly, I wouldn't put it past them to do this in real life.) They also created broTein bars and Salad Spinsters. I don't think your audience will find that funny, Whole Foods. I've met them.


April Fools’ 2013 – Mashable

Mashable just announced that it's creating a Troll Appreciation Day.