Apparently There’s a Reason Why Half of ‘Home’ Is ‘Me’

A poll by Cottage Living magazine yields evidence of the degree to which people’s homes have become as much a matter of self-expression as of mere shelter. Conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide among female homeowners who’ve read at least one shelter or lifestyle magazine in the past six months, it found 79 percent of respondents saying they “like to surround themselves in their home with items that bring to mind special memories.” Sixty-two percent said the home “is the ultimate expression of their personality.”

The flipside of this highly personal approach to home decoration is a comparative indifference to broader fashions in that field. Just 16 percent said they’re “influenced by the current trends in home decor.” And they’re also relatively indifferent to peer-group influence: Seven percent said they “typically buy the same brands as their friends.”