Ape Is Enough

DNA-wise, he's 98 percent human. But Jonah, the E*Trade chimpanzee, is 100 percent celebrity, as his press-tour visit to 770 Broadway last week proved.

Shamefully, he was denied access to Adweek's 7th-floor offices (building codes were cited, though one suspects crowd-control concerns). So, the Super Bowl ad star and his entourage, which included a treat-dispensing handler and bodyguards in E*Trade caps, headed to 9th Street and 4th Avenue for a hastily relocated photo shoot. 

In a neighborhood that thinks it's seen everything, Jonah quickly drew a crowd. Done up in an E*Trade sweatshirt, slacks and warm-up jacket (but without shoes), he parked his sub-3-foot frame next to a fire hydrant and soaked up Adweek's Super Bowl coverage. (He had no comment on the upcoming game or his commercial role in it.) 

As the shoot progressed, favored admirers—particularly the photographer—were frequently hugged, and one hesitant toddler received a reassuring, toothy grin. Out of respect, puns about guerrilla marketing were discouraged. 

Though he travels cargo class, Jonah maintains the aura of a star—an impression reinforced when, with the photo session all wrapped up, he was swiftly whisked off to a waiting van and his next appointment.