AOL, Road Runner to Cooperate

NEW YORK Time Warner’s online and cable units, onetime competitors in the high-speed Internet connectivity realm, have agreed to promote each other’s services.

Under the agreement, America Online will plug Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner as a high-speed option when users register for its AOL for Broadband $14.95 per month premium-content package. Road Runner, in turn, will offer customers a sampling of AOL’s exclusive broadband programming.

AOL, which continues to sell dial-up Internet connections, opened the way for such a cooperative relationship when it exited the high-speed connectivity space earlier this year. The Dulles, Va.-based unit decided to focus on marketing its bring-your-own-access content package to broadband subscribers, rather than connections.

Additionally, the two divisions agreed to offer Time Warner Digital Cable subscribers access to a new 24-hour on-demand music video channel, featuring original AOL Music programming. The channel, called My MC, will be available in May.