AOL Relaunches Video Search Engine

NEW YORK AOL has relaunched, a video search engine that had previously served as a demonstration site for developers, as a stand-alone consumer site designed to serve as a one-stop shopping for online video.

AOL acquired Truveo, which boasts of advanced search technology that uses video-specific algorithms, in 2006. Initially, AOL focused on incorporating Truveo’s technology into its own video search engine.

But with the explosion of Web video content over the last year, ranging from professionally produced fare to user-generated clips, the company felt that a single site allowing users to better navigate that landscape had great potential.

“While today’s popular video sharing sites offer a wide variety of user-generated video, they rarely give users the opportunity to find professional, mainstream video,” said Timothy Tuttle, senior vp of AOL Video, Truveo’s co-founder. “The new solves this problem, so whether it’s a dog riding a skateboard or the latest episode of The Daily Show, is the one-stop site for finding videos from across the Web.”

Unlike YouTube and its competitors, Truveo simply directs users to video content, rather than housing and serving clips that might violate copyright agreements. With the new version of the site, AOL executives said that users would be able to browse through tens of millions of videos clips from across the Internet. And like YouTube, Truveo allows users to save, share and recommend their favorite videos to other viewers.