AOL Inks Box Office Pacts

Two major alliances in the online ticketing industry were made on Wednesday. Movie information and ticketing services providers AOL Moviefone and, Inc. joined forces, and America Online and Ticketmaster also announced that they will be aligning to create “AOL Box Office by Ticketmaster,” which will provide ticket purchasing capabilities for more than 350,000 events and 5,000 venues nationwide to AOL’s enormous user base.

According to AOL Moviefone and AOL Box Office senior vice president and general manager Tommy McGloin, these alliances will help influence movie awareness, intent to see and overall ticket purchasing online. And, he believes, these are the things advertisers are looking for when deciding to purchase space on sites heavily trafficked by movie-goers.

“We’ll have the largest one-stop shop for concerts and sporting events in AOL Box Office,” McGloin added. “And more and more,” he noted, “this is the kind of targeted reach advertisers are looking for online.”