Another Brick In The Mall

Actress Faith Ford speaks to women who love to shop in a $10 million campaign for Prime Retail factory outlet centers.
The spots from Elkman/Alexander & Partners target 35-to-54-year-old women who can “spend six to eight hours in an outlet store,” said Mitchell Brown, Prime Retail’s vice president, marketing and communications.
The former Murphy Brown star (shown here) offers spring and online shopping tips. In one, she says, “Bring friends who appreciate your taste in brand names,” as she emerges from a dressing room to an applauding crowd.
Asked to download images from Prime Retail’s Web site in another spot, Ford eyes her pal’s purse and says, “Sure. Got a printer in there, too?”
“Anyone who has a hobby loves learning new tricks of the trade,” said Brown.
The Philadelphia agency chose Ford because it “wanted someone of a certain age who was stylish and approachable,” said account manager Mary Ann Sesso.
The campaign breaks nationally March 17. Prime Retail operates 51 outlet centers in 26 states. –Emily Fromm