Anguilla Wants More ‘Heads in the Beds’

NEW YORK The Anguilla Tourist Board will launch a $1.2 million print campaign in September, the first effort developed without its in-house creative team in three years. The work, slated to break in September, is a new branding effort by Irwin Slater, a New York shop that won the account in January.

Employing “Feeling is believing” as a tagline, ads are intended to broaden awareness beyond the select group of affluents who visit the island in the British West Indies. Anguilla is well known to celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Jay-Z and Beyonce, who can afford the $1000 per night luxury resorts.

The agency hopes to boost tourism without bringing cruise ships to the island. Its umbrella sub-branding ads, tagged “The charming escapes,” will promote 16 independent mid-market hotels that offer rooms at a daily rate of $150-350.

“This is really the first time Angullia has made a strong push in the market,” said Todd Irwin, partner of Irwin Slater. “The idea is to increase the heads in the beds by at least 20 percent. We came up with the tagline to encompass the entire experience of Anguilla, not just the sun and the sand.”

Irwin Slater also created new logos that feature a photo of a woman diving into a sparkling blue sea and a young girl and a man running on a white sand beach. “The Anguilla experience” is printed in blue in the lower right-hand corner of each graphic.

In coming months, newspapers and travel and bride magazines will carry the print campaign. T-shirts, brochures and direct mail are also part of the media mix. Campaign spending is undisclosed.

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