Angie’s List Tames TiVo

NEW YORK What does it take to keep viewers from fast-forwarding through commercials? How about references to adult movies?

A Young & Laramore spot for Angie’s List Service, complete with porno reference, ranks among the 10 “Least Forwarded” brand campaigns measured by TiVo during May, the most recent month for which data is available.

Angie’s placed fifth on TiVo’s list. The neighborhood services ratings site, which lets users discuss their likes and dislikes, ran two spots in May. One ad dealt with people catching local contractors slacking off instead of performing the jobs they’d been paid to complete. In one spot, a homeowner discovers why a particular job has been taking so long. The contractor has been watching porn on her pay-per-view service. (What else he might have been doing at that time is left to the imagination.)

Asked why he thinks his company’s spots, which are predominantly running on cable morning news shows on Fox, CNN and MSNBC, are the least forwarded, agency president Tom Demari said: “Advertising that breaks through and makes you stop, works. If it looks like everything else, people won’t look up or stop forwarding their TiVo.”

Demari wasn’t thinking specifically of making the campaign TiVo proof, but he does have advice for those who hope to see their work on the least-forwarded list: “Pay attention to what’s on air now and be different, but be different in a relevant way. The mistake of many of the dot-com boom ads was that they used humor, but it wasn’t relevant. Everything we do is relevant.” The agency is based in Indianapolis.

(In case you were wondering, Samsung ranked first in TiVo’s May survey, followed by Jitterbug Wireless, Lockheed Martin and Dominican Republic Tourism.)