Andersen Ads to Bow

Andersen Windows, which in past ads stressed durability and reliability, plays up its role in bringing warmth and secur ity to a home in a new campaign to break this week from Campbell Mithun.

Two spots highlight the brand’s attri butes. One ad empha sizes aesthetics, showing a couple evaluating the view out their window as a truck moves their house inches to the right and left. A second spot showcases longevity as a rock formation crumbles outside an Andersen window.

Consumer print ads depict warm home settings, such as an image of a young girl on a swing viewed through a window. “Memories are forever. Frame them accordingly,” reads the headline. A trade campaign targets contractors and architects.

The work bows the tagline, “Long live the home,” which replaces the 5-year-old “Wor ryproof. Timeproof.” That line will still be used in copy.

“It’s less product-oriented and more end-result-oriented,” said Frank Quadflieg, director of marketing communications at Bayport, Minn.-based Andersen.

The new tag is meant to emphasize the dual qualities of performance and beauty, said George Halvorson, deputy creative officer at CM in Minneapolis.

The work will run on cable networks, including A&E, TBS and USA. Print will run in lifestyle and architecture magazines. Andersen is expected to spend more than the $20 million it spent last year on media, as the company expands beyond its Midwest and Northeast base, Quadflieg said.