And, Please, No Wagering

The man who last year had Chicago Bulls fans wearing horned helmets on behalf of Subway restaurants hopes to capture the attention of Chicago White Sox partisans this year with a new weekend tradition–a human sandwich, soda and bag of chips racing one another across the field.
Jay Moore, promotions director at Hal Riney & Partners/Heartland, lead agency for Subway, convinced the team to allow him to schedule the costume-character races, from center field to home plate, between action in the fifth inning of weekend games beginning April 24. Subway will pay the Sox for the time.
Who to stuff inside the sandwich, soda and chips costumes? Moore had to look no further than the eager interns at Riney, who will also go into the stands and mingle with the crowd following each race.
The costumes also have built-in features that add to the spectacle, Moore said. If the sub loses, for example, it will be able to pull out a piece of meat, wad it up and hurl it to the ground in disgust.
Last year’s Subway promotion was a helmet giveaway backed by TV spots in which an elderly man wearing the helmet did a ludicrous dance. The agency is scaling back that promotion this year. –Trevor Jensen