Analog Devices Talks to Agencies

BOSTON — Analog Devices is holding talks with agencies about working on its advertising account, sources said.

The Norwood, Mass.-based provider of analog and digital integrated circuits works with small independent Stringer for creative; Upward Brown Media, handles media chores. Both shops are in Burlington, Mass.

Recent campaigns have been print driven and run mainly in the trade press. The company is now looking to expand beyond the technical community and take a broader, image-based approach to branding, sources said. The goal is to better compete globally against Motorola, Texas Instruments and other rivals that have in recent years placed a greater emphasis on marketing, sources said. The company is also looking to arrest a sales slide that has seen its revenue dip nearly 12% in 2001 to aproximately $2.3 billion, compared with the previous year.

One source pegged projected 2003 ad spending in the $10 million-range, a sizeable increase over current levels.

The company has heard presentations from several agencies in the northeast and expects to make a decision in the next week to 10 days, sources said.

Officials with Stringer and Upward Brown declined comment on Friday, and it is unclear if they have been invited to participate in the process. Executives with Analog Devices did not return calls.