Anaheim’s Other Team Speaks Up

Entering their 10th season in the National Hockey League, the underachieving Anaheim Mighty Ducks have launched a campaign that addresses their evolving relationship with fans.

The campaign—the second for the Mighty Ducks from The Ballpark in Santa Monica, Calif.—introduces the tagline: “A new decade begins.” It features a new logo that uses existing elements, such as the old goalie mask shaped like a duck’s bill, set in front of an “X,” along with the text, “A mighty decade.”

The campaign includes TV, radio, print and out-of-home ads, as well as collateral. Spending could not be determined, as the Disney-owned franchise uses a combination of cash and barter.

Two new 30-second TV spots are set in a restaurant. One has a woman seated at a table, her companion obscured by another diner. As she talks about the ups and downs the two have experienced over the last 10 years, the furry, webbed hand of Mighty Ducks mascot Wild Wing reaches out and engulfs her hand.

A second ad shows players Paul Kariya, Vitaly Vish nevski and Adam Oates seated at a table as a waiter rattles off tips for improving their game. As they finish up, the waiter asks if they are ready for the check. Vishnevski offers to get it, then slams his body into the startled waiter.

Ballpark principal Andrew Shevin said the spots are meant to be “more emotional” than typical hockey ads.

The agency shot the ads at a restaurant at Arrowhead Pond since there was no action footage of the newer players, said Doug Moss, svp of business operations for the Mighty Ducks. “What we wanted to do was take a look back at some great moments, but it’s also a great time to say the next 10 years begin almost immediately,” he said. “We’re trying to reconnect with our fans and get people out to the Pond to have a good time. It will take some time … but we’re moving in the right direction.”

Mighty Ducks games were once a hot ticket, but sales have declined in recent years. The team, which has not made the playoffs since 1996, finished last season 29-42-8.

The Anaheim Angels’ appearance in the World Series is having a positive impact, Moss said. “It makes people feel good about sports in Anaheim,” he said. “There’s not as much attention to the beginning of our season, but for [the Angels] to go to the World Series—we’ll take that any day of the week.”