Amstel’s Art Imitates Life

Roper Starch recently conducted a survey to find out if the residents of Amsterdam are as open-minded as the current ad campaign for Amstel beers claims.
The “Open for Anything” poll revealed that people from Amsterdam are more open-minded on a range of questions encompassing politics and social issues than their American counterparts in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.
Amsterdamers are more likely to have engaged in nude sunbathing (26 percent) than Americans (10 percent).
Those employed by the media will be interested to note that 55 percent of Americans surveyed by the New York pollster believe that reporters should be more restricted than they are now. Only 26 percent of people in Amsterdam think so.
Only 7 percent of Amsterdamers agree that in a perfect world women would be homemakers while the men brought home the paychecks. In America, 28 percent believe that.
“We were happy the results verified the positioning of the Amstel brand,” said Dan Tearno, vice president, corporate affairs of Heineken in White Plains, N.Y.
-Hank Kim