Ammirati Puris Lintas Moves Its Amtrak Account To Chicago

Ammirati Puris Lintas’ office here will bulk up its staff and client roster with the addition of the Amtrak Intercity account, which is being shifted from the agency’s New York headquarters.
The move is due to geography, since Amtrak Intercity is headquartered in Chicago, said Brad Brinegar, president of APL Chicago.
The addition of Amtrak provides more mass and diversity to APL’s Chicago operation, which until now has existed to serve a single client: the $100 million Ameritech account it won last July.
The shift will result in up to a dozen staffers being transferred from APL’s New York office to Chicago, Brinegar said. APL Chicago now has a staff of approximately 50.
Brinegar said that while the office is still busy absorbing the large and time-consuming Ameritech business, work is progressing on acquiring new business.
Amtrak Intercity is spending about $20 million on advertising and marketing. Amtrak’s major ad duties are shared by APL, which handles Intercity and corporate branding, and DDB Needham New York, which advertises the carrier’s rail routes in the Northeast and on the West Coast.
Following a recent review, Amtrak Intercity assigned its $5 million “grassroots” advertising business to DiMeo & Co. in Chicago.
Kelly, Scott & Madison, Chicago, buys media for Amtrak. The grassroots efforts are aimed at individual cities and markets served by Amtrak Intercity, said Tony Garel-Frantzen, an Amtrak representative.