Americans Adore Amazon, Plus More Key Findings From a Study on Beloved Brands

Google and Netflix round out consumers' three favorite companies

Americans love Amazon more than any brand. Getty Images
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Every day, Americans interact with countless brands. Brushes with brands come during mealtimes, while shopping, while shipping and even while sleeping. As such, a brand’s existence is essentially a never-ending competition for the attention and affection of customers. And thanks to a new ranking from Morning Consult, we have an understanding of what brands are winning that race.

This week, the media and tech company released Most Loved Brands in America 2019, a ranking of the top brands in the country, compiled after it analyzed the results of 400,000 survey interviews from its Morning Consult Brand Intelligence. Here, Adweek breaks down the top five findings from the report.

Amazon takes the top spot, with Google and Netflix rounding out the top three

Amazon is not without controversies, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon from making its ways into America’s heart: It’s the No. 1 brand in the U.S., according to Morning Consult’s report, closely followed by Google and Netflix to round out the top three. Also in the top 10 of consumer favorite brands? A lot of love for postal carriers: UPS is at No. 4, USPS at No. 6 and FedEx at No. 8. Home Depot, Hershey’s, Dollar Tree and Cheerios all made the top 10 as well.

Gen Z and Gen X put Google at the top

Both Gen Z and Gen X voted Google as their favorite brand, while millennials and baby boomers deviated, with the former choosing Netflix as their top brand, and the latter going with UPS. Gen Z and millennials both favor YouTube—it comes in third for Gen Z, and four for millennials. Boomers, on the other hand, seem to love getting mail: USPS is their third favorite brand.

Consumer Elites and Suburban Consumers love Amazon, too

It ranks as the top brand for both categories. Rural customers prefer other methods of receiving their postage: UPS ranks as their top brand. Urban Consumers love Amazon too, with it coming in third after Google and Netflix, while they have a bit less affection for UPS: It’s in the sixth spot.

Men and women love Amazon and Google

Google is the top brand for women, while Amazon is the top brand for men. However, each gender’s favorite is the other’s second favorite: Amazon comes in second place for women, while Google does the same for men. Other favorites for women include Netflix, Dollar Tree, UPS, Dove and Bath & Body Works, while men chose Netflix, Samsung, USPS, UPS, Microsoft and Android.

The top 25 overall represents a wide variety of industries

That includes fast-food restaurants (Chick-Fil-A, No. 24, Subway, 19 and Dairy Queen, 22), home improvement stores (Lowe’s at 11 and Home Depot at five), retailers (Walgreens at 20, Target at 15 and Walmart at 18) and consumer goods (Tide at 13, Dove at 17, and Colgate at 25).

@dianapearl_ Diana is the deputy brands editor at Adweek and managing editor of Brandweek.