American Standard: Cool

NEW YORK A new 30-second commercial for American Standard air conditioning cleverly captures the desire for home hibernation during the sweaty months of summer. The spot, from DraftFCB in New York, opens on a shot of a suburban home. Sound effects alert the viewer to a lower window that is opened and a garden hose pulled into the house. The sound of crashing glass, furniture slamming to the floor, a screeching cat and a child’s protest, “Dad!,” culminates in another window opening, this time on the second floor, above the driveway, as the never-seen father drops the hose out the window. It then becomes clear through screen titles and the clumsy attempt to wash the car from the second floor that the air conditioning system is keeping him all too cozy inside. “Maybe it’s too comfortable,” reads the screen copy. Nice, persuasive, no-frills argument for staying cool in the sizzling summer.