American Legacy Incumbents Break New ‘Truth’ Work

BOSTON In the midst of defending their incumbencies on the American Legacy Foundation account, Arnold and Crispin Porter + Bogusky are preparing to launch a new round of TV and print ads supporting the national anti-smoking program.

The work carries the familiar “Truth” tagline and includes three spots that reprise the “Orange Curtain” device that the agencies introduced in ads last year. In each spot, the curtain is pulled back to reveal the “Truth” about smoking.

One commercial, “Unclear,” plays off a 1998 statement by a tobacco company executive who said he was “unclear … as to whether anybody dies from cigarette smoking-related diseases.” On screen, a young Hispanic male named Freddie stands in front of a large mural of his father, a smoker who died from throat cancer. “Is that clear enough?” Freddie asks at the close of the spot. Another spot, “Ice Cream Truck,” alleges that Big Tobacco considered using such vehicles in promotions. A third, “Smaller Babies,” deals with the link between smoking and low birth-weight babies.

Ads begin breaking immediately on MTV, Fox, the WB and UPN.

Havas’ Arnold, Boston, and Maxxcom’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, have worked on the $50-60 million Legacy account since its 1999 inception and are defending the creative portion of business, which is now in review. Legacy this week launched a separate review for its public-relations assignment; incumbent Porter Novelli, Washington, D.C., is defending.