American Apparel Faces Criticism for Demonstrating the Shortness of Its Miniskirts

Angry protesters claim 'Lolita fantasies'

American Apparel has once again landed in hot water for featuring questionable photos where a young woman in a plaid skirt is bending over (which arguably doubles as a racy ad for the company's underwear).

The Independent reports that the controversial images in question were featured on the company's U.K. Instagram page and a section of the site hosting its miniskirts, but seem to have since been removed. However, since the same skirt is worn by a girl in a School Days promotion, many media sites said they were touted in a back-to-school campaign. 

Although the public has grown somewhat immune to the company's aesthetic, many people were appalled at the latest photos nonetheless. Shoppers took to Twitter to vent their feelings, comparing the image to "Lolita fantasies" and labeling the company as "gross" and calling the website "just porn," Metro reported.

It's not a far stretch to believe the brand would show off its plaid skirts and panties. American Apparel has come under fire several times for using images that have been deemed inappropriate, including during a 2011 swimwear campaign featuring a topless model and a 2009 controversy where it was accused of photographing an underage girl stripping. (The company claimed she was 23.) Ex-CEO Dove Charney was booted from board for alleged sexual misconduct and mishandling of funds

And even though those upskirt images are no longer posted, a model wearing a thong can be seen on one of the sections where you can purchase the school-girl style skirt.

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