AMC Shows Two Sides of Hollywood

NEW YORK A print campaign for The AMC Project presents “The other side of Hollywood” by juxtaposing images of the movie capital with those that point to the subjects of original documentaries.

The six-ad series, created by Trollback & Company in New York and Los Angeles, is appearing in the June and July issues of The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. The shop, which developed the cable network’s rebranding campaign a year ago, won the print project following a review in April, said president and creative director Jakob Trollback. The agency is also at work on an extended outdoor campaign the network plans to break this fall, he said.

One ad, “Reality People,” fuses the front of a movie set trailer with the back end of a trailer park heap, as a visual metaphor for the film’s subject—what happens to reality-show contestants when their 15 minutes of fame are up. Another, “Gay Hollywood,” completes the circle formed by a camera lens with a pink condom. A third ad blends a Walk of Fame Star with the Muslim star and crescent for “Hollywood and the Muslim World.”

“They knew that they wanted to do something that was provocative, something that made people sort of reevaluate AMC,” Trollback said.

While AMC remains a 24-hour movie network directed at American film fans, it has moved away from showing only classics uninterrupted by commercials. The network now develops original programming and screens ads. AMC is owned and managed by Rainbow Media in Jericho, N.Y., owner of IFC and WE: Women’s Entertainment.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.