Amazon Kindle Starts Offering ‘USA Today’ Blogs

USA Today is now making a selection of its blogs and online communities available for Amazon’s Kindle, a portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to a hi-res, e-paper display screen.
Blogs and online communities now available for the Kindle include: “Cruise Log,” which provides news and trends in the world of cruising; “Game Hunters,” an online community with a focus on video games; “Lifeline Live,” which provides celebrity and entertainment news; “OnDeadline,” offering breaking news stories; “Game On!,” covering sports news; “The Oval,” an online community devoted to tracking the Obama administration; “Pop Candy,” dedicated to pop culture; and “Today in the Sky,” delivering news and analysis about airlines, airports and air travel.
Subscriptions to USA Today have been available to Kindle users since December 2008 for a monthly subscription cost of $11.99. All of the blogs and online communities cost between $0.99 and $1.99 to download, and can be purchased here.