Amalgamated Provides Spousal Support

NEW YORK Court TV and its ad agency Amalgamated have introduced a campaign touting the cable network’s new series ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

The show debuted this week and features half-hour vignettes based on true-crime stories in which one spouse kills the other.

The TV spots, shot in black and white, tell stories through shadowy visuals and onscreen copy in the style of the well-known DeBeers diamond ads, complete with violin music.

In one spot, onscreen copy that reads, “We were married,” is followed by the shadows of a bride and groom. “The years passed” precedes images of the couple with a newborn. “The kids grew bigger” shows the son leaving for college. Instead of a happy ending, the text concludes: “As did my hate for you” as the wife, carrying a large knife, sneaks up on her husband, ready to plunge it into his back. A male voiceover says, “Marriage is forever. Murder is eternal,” as the image of a smiling John Waters appears.

Cult film-maker Waters didn’t lens any of the 13 episodes, but he has a small part as “The Groom Reaper,” appearing at the beginning and end of each vignette, supplying tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Court TV’s svp, marketing Mary Corigliano said Waters “was one of the easiest people we’ve ever worked with. He loved the ad campaign.”

Waters also appears in the print, online and other TV spots in which he is shown plucking a bouquet of flowers, saying, “He kills her, she kills him. He kills her, she kills him.”

Court TV also worked with DC Comics to produce a comic book based on an episode of the show about a jealous mortician and his ambitious wife. The comic was distributed free to consumers at magazine shops and through 300 Virgin Megastores.