ALT’s Loyola Ads Focus on Life’s Simple Pleasures

Appreciation of life by those whose illnesses took them to the edge of death is at the core of a new campaign for Loyola University Health System from Arian, Lowe & Travis.
ALT used actual patients of the Chicago-based medical system as subjects for print ads set to break this week in Chicago-area newspapers.
Copy leads with the headline, “There are a few things (patient’s name) would like to thank (his or her) doctor for.” Ensuing copy tells the tale of how treatment at Loyola saved the person’s life.
The accompanying photo shows the person against a larger backdrop — a park, a family kitchen or a downtown street. Dozens of elements in the picture, from natural phenomena to mundane ephemera most people take for granted, are then captioned as things the former hospital patient appreciates more than ever.
Heart transplant survivor Scott Moravik, shown with his new bass boat, is happy for “the ideal day,” “the feel of cotton,” “tchotchkes” and even “the one that got away.”
“They didn’t really see the world in the same way after going through these life-threatening situations,” said Meg Kannin, a creative director at the Chicago shop.
Doctors cited in the copy are relegated to a relatively small photo, which along with an absence of the standard white coat and stethoscope graphics of such ads is part of an effort to show that at Loyola, “it’s not just the scientific, medical or clinical aspects of the place, there’s an extra level,” Kannin said.
The corporate branding campaign also includes a radio component. ALT won the estimated $5 million Loyola University Health System account in 1998 after a review. This is the agency’s first major corporate branding campaign for the client. K