Aloft Partners With German Shop

Aloft Group, formerly Fuse Marketing, has entered into a partnership with German shop Schindler Parent & Compagnie.

The Newburyport, Mass., agency plans to tap into the European market with the linkup, said Aloft president Matt Bowen. The entity will be known as Aloft/SPC when the shops work on projects together. Headed by senior partner Michael Meier, Meersburg, Germany-based SPC has of fices in that country and Switzerland.

Aloft will offer SPC’s clients marketing services in the U.S.; likewise, SPC can offer Aloft clients European marketing services. The two agencies also are pitching new business together, Bowen said.

After meeting with various shops in Germany, Bowen decided SPC’s integrated marketing approach and experience made it the best match. “These guys were a perfect fit, both culturally and structurally,” he said.

Bowen looks forward to capitalizing on SPC’s experience in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, among others. SPC clients include Daimler Chrysler and Roche Diagnostics. Aloft, in turn, can share its high-tech marketing expertise with SPC. Its clients include Dictaphone and United Plastics Group.

Aloft changed its name from Fuse to distinguish itself from similarly named shops in New Hampshire and Denver, where it opened an office earlier this year [Adweek, March 18].