Allstate Launches Largest Branding Push to Date

Burnett Returns to Well-Known Tagline, But With a Slight Twist
CHICAGO–Allstate Insurance Co. attempts to distinguish itself by showing its employees on the job in a new campaign from Leo Burnett.
The branding effort, reportedly the largest in Northbrook, Ill., company’s history, breaks during Tuesday’s telecast of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. Billings are estimated at $60 million.
“This campaign is trying to demonstrate the personal commitment of our employees,” said Jill Weaver, Allstate’s vice president of advertising and brand management.
Burnett was spurred by research showing many people couldn’t distinguish among the many insurance companies, Weaver said.
Six TV spots feature visuals of natural disasters, with voiceovers from insurance agents. “I know what it takes to put lives back together. … I don’t like trouble. I just like making it go away,” says an employee in one ad.
The campaign returns to Allstate’s nearly 50-year-old tagline, but adds a twist. “You’re in good hands with Allstate. Mine,” says each employee. The line replaces “Being in good hands is the only place to be,” which was used for the past three years.
Gerry Miller, a group creative director at Burnett, said returning to the familiar line leveraged its equity while also “bringing immediacy and freshness.”
Print complements the TV spots.
Allstate spent nearly $85 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Weaver estimated only a quarter of that went to branding.