Allstate Aims at Boomers With First Finance Ads

Allstate’s first campaign to push its financial services targets baby boomers pondering retirement. TV spots from Leo Burnett use the Beatles tune, “When I’m Sixty-Four.”

“Our focus is on communicating that we are now a financial-services provider with a focus on retirement,” said Jill Weaver, Allstate’s vp of brand strategy. “It’s about our transformation.”

Backed by a version of “When I’m Sixty-Four” sung by Julian Lennon, the first spot depicts a family going through various stages of life—from newlyweds to nuclear family to retirement. As the action occurs, onscreen text reads, “When you spend your life in good hands, you end up in a good place.”

The commercial concludes with the words “auto,” “home,” “life” and “retirement” appeating onscreen.

The conclusion, which allows the word “retirement” to linger longer than the other words, is meant to leverage the Northbrook, Ill., company’s brand awareness into a new category, Weaver said.

“Allstate doesn’t stand for insurance. Allstate stands for stability,” she said.

The effort from the Chicago agency broke over the weekend. It continues the theme, “The right hands make all the difference.” That line debuted last month in an Olympics-themed print campaign.

The financial-services-oriented advertising will continue through 2002. The company’s traditional insurance advertising will also run through the year, and Olympic-themed spots will air during the Winter Games in February.

Spending for the campaign was not disclosed.