Alley Will Do Less for Jenny Craig in Spots From JWT

NEW YORK Subway has Jared, a real customer-turned-spokesman who gives testimony to how the chain’s sandwiches helped him to lose weight. Now, Jenny Craig will have actress Kirstie Alley, who will star in a new campaign for the weight-loss company.

The campaign, via WPP Group’s J. Walter Thompson, New York, is a response to recent statements that she wants to lose the very weight that prompted her new Showtime series, Fat Actress.

The client has spent about $40 million on ads through October after spending more than $45 million in 2003, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

TV spots, set to break Jan. 10, will follow Alley as she loses weight and will feature testimonials of her personal experiences on the Jenny Craig program. Spend and financial arrangements were not revealed.

“I had a great time getting fat and now I’m going to have an even greater time losing weight,” Alley said in a statement. “I had four offers from other companies, but I wanted to go with the safest, most well rounded, fun approach, one that I knew would work, and, let’s face it, Jenny Craig’s food is hands-down the yummiest.” She most recently did national ads for Pier 1.

—Brandweek staff report