Allertin Intro Assigned to GGC

LOS ANGELES Gardner Geary Coll has been chosen to help launch pharmaceutical company BioGentec’s flagship allergy product, Allertin.

The San Francisco shop won the account after a review that included Eicoff Direct-Health in Chicago, the client said.

Annual billings have not been determined. BioGentec is expected to spend $4-5 million for a test-market launch in July. A broader introduction is scheduled for the first quarter of 2004.

GGC is developing a brand identity program, marketing plans and an integrated communications campaign for the Irvine, Calif., client. Work will include TV and print ads, direct mail, point-of-sale materials and collateral, said Daniel Katsin, director of business development for the agency.

The shop is also charged with helping BioGentec establish a new “pre-histamine” category with the release of Allertin, which is meant to prevent people’s immune systems from overreacting to allergens like mold, dust, pet dander and pollen.

The win reunites Katsin with BioGentec COO Jim Luce. The two worked together several years ago, when Luce was with Marriott Hotels & Resorts and Katsin was at Marriott’s West Coast agency at that time, the now-defunct Katsin/Loeb.

“I’ve worked with Dan at his former company and I have tremendous trust and respect for him,” said Luce. “I hired him to be my marketing department, not just an ad agency.”