Allen & Gerritsen Enters Travel, Tourism Arena With Campaign For Iceland Adventure Company

Looking to establish itself in the tourism and destination advertising category, Allen & Gerritsen has created an integrated marketing campaign for Glacier Tours in Hornafjordur, Iceland.
The effort includes a series of posters that feature striking photographs by Ragnar Sigurdsson that were taken while on a tour of the glaciers near Iceland. Frozen seas, mountains of ice and the sparkle of the northern lights are depicted in the ads.
One headline reads: “We don’t know about hell, but heaven froze over ages ago.” Another reads: “No matter how many layers you wear, you’ll still get goosebumps.”
Body copy goes on to describe the natural splendor and cultural heritage of the ruggedly cold glacier region. The executions also direct consumers to Glacier Tours’ Web site, which the agency is in the process of developing. The tours, which can last for up to two weeks, cost about $250 a day and include lodging in chalets or camping out on the glaciers themselves.
Mike Davis wrote the copy for the campaign, teaming with art director Einar Or, a native of Iceland. Or has ties to Glacier Tours and helped convince the client to select the Watertown, Mass.-based shop for its first marketing initiative aimed at American travelers, who make up about 20 percent of the client’s business, said agency official Mick O’Brien. “It’s a great creative opportunity and our first step into tourism,” O’Brien said. He and Doug Chapman served as creative directors for the campaign.
The posters will be distributed to travel agencies throughout the Eastern United States and Iceland. They will also appear as print ads in the in-flight magazine of Iceland Air, the country’s national airline.
The executions may also run in other travel publications after the initial impact of the ads has been measured, O’Brien said.