Allbirds Shows How Light Its Shoes Are by Suspending Them in Air With 4 Party Balloons

Uncommon compellingly conveys both low weight and low environmental impact

To show off its lightweight credentials, Allbirds had its sneakers suspended midair. Allbirds / Uncommon

LONDON—Allbirds has suspended its sneakers in mid-air in a stunt designed to promote its lightweight credentials as part of a global campaign spanning the U.S., U.K., Korea, Germany and France.

The stunt, by London agency Uncommon, playfully combined “science and design” to lift the shoes into midair using only four regular sized party balloons held above the ground by leaf blowers.

The concept was created to showcase the defining feature of the brand’s ZQ-certified Wool Runners range—its lightness—and its lower environmental footprint in an “unexpected” way, the agency said.

The production process involved building an installation to make the shoes “float” above the ground. They were placed on a platform connected to four cords attached to four balloons, with the help of leaf blowers.

The accompanying short film pans in on the sneakers before revealing the apparatus keeping them above ground.

The agency also shared some behind-the-scenes footage of its development of the concept—featuring a cuddly toy being suspended mid-air in the experimentation phase.

“This campaign was about the challenge of showing how light our shoes weigh, while balancing being light on the planet,” said Allbirds head of creative Alex Valdman. “The challenge with this was how do you tell two stories in a simple and elegant way. The result is an irreverent spot that begs all of us to tread a little lighter during the holidays.”

Project Name: Tread Lighter
Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Client: Allbirds
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Chris Cairns
Editor: Chris Cairns
Producer: Emily Crofton
DOP: Dan Lowe
Post-production: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Sheldon Gardner
VFX Artists: Sheldon Gardner, Stephen Grasso, Jamie Crofts, Will Robinson
Colorist: Lewis Crossfield
Soundtrack Composer: Soundtree
Studio Post-production: Soundtree
Media Agency: Allbirds (in-house)

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