all you have to do is dream

You mean not everyone’s dream is to slave away in advertising?

In the latest example of an agency making its rivals look mean and stingy, Fallon Worldwide recently began a program that gives its employees time and money to realize their lifelong dreams. The Minneapolis agency’s “Dream Catchers” initiative, the brainchild of media supervisor John King, encourages staffers to put a little money aside from each paycheck (which the company will match up to a certain amount) and use it during two extra weeks of paid vacation to climb that mountain, wrestle that lion or do whatever else they’ve always wanted to do.

“We say we’re out to make a little history. This is about making a personal history,” says King, who came up with the idea while struggling to write a novel. The concept, he says, fits with Fallon’s mission to be a “creativity company.”

Those keen on just weaseling the extra time off beware: They’ll have to do an “internal audit” and write down their dreams. (One plans to run with the bulls in Pamplona, which when you think about it isn’t all that different from pitching Citibank). Most any dream will be approved, though, as long as it doesn’t include egging the home of Miller’s John Bowlin.

“We can’t judge people’s dreams,” King says. “This is not a gift to take advantage of, but it is a gift from the company.”