All Too Naked To Visible Eyes

Though a simple internal memo would have sufficed to announce the agency’s new casual dress code, Austin Kelley Advertising recruited Beavis & Butt-head to deliver the news.
Armed with a copy of the MTV series’ “Naked Colony” episode, executive creative director Jim Spruell and creative director Mark Robinson rewrote the audio portion to star the Atlanta agency’s top executives as the crude cartoon duo.
Despite their conservative reputations, Austin Kelley president Jeff Nixon and executive vice president Jay Shields agreed to lend their voices–including several dozen “heh-hehs”–to the cause.
In the retooled video, “Jeff & Jay” observe employees taking liberties with the dress code. At one point, they find the entire creative department disrobed and lounging poolside.
The effort “showed the staff that the guys at the top . . . have a good sense of humor,” Spruell said.
And at least “Jeff & Jay” kept their clothes on.
–Katy Eckmann Davis