The All-Too-Hectic Life of the Female Entrepreneur

It may be prosperous (eventually), but the life of the female entrepreneur is not an easy one. So one can gather from a new report based on April polling among members of the Make Mine a Million $ Business community, an organization of female entrepreneurs who’ve declared the ambition of taking their business to the million-dollar level.

Just half of the respondents said they “get plenty of sleep.” In a breakdown by ethnicity, Asian-American female entrepreneurs were the least likely to report doing so, with 39 percent saying they get plenty of sleep, vs. 43 percent of black, 44 percent of Hispanic and 53 percent of white respondents. Fifty-two percent of the women said they “exercise regularly.” Here again, Asian American respondents were the least likely to say so (42 percent).

Sixty-seven percent of all respondents said they “eat right,” with Hispanic women the most likely to say so (74 percent) and black women the least likely (61 percent). One alarming bit of data: Just over half the women (53 percent) said they regularly get a breast exam/mammogram, with the number ranging from 56 percent among white respondents to 27 percent among Asian Americans.

Time constraints obviously play a role in the less-than-healthy behaviors of many female small-business owners. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they’ve brought work home on weekends; 51 percent have taken work on vacations; 20 percent have missed their kids’ sports or other activities due to work.

While one tends to think of entrepreneurs as take-charge extroverts, a significant number of the survey’s women don’t fit that stereotype — or, at least, didn’t start out that way. Thirty-two percent said they were known as “introverted” or “shy” when they were growing up. Black respondents were the least likely to say this (27 percent) and Asian Americans the most likely (54 percent).