All In One Lump Sum

Eisner Whets Appetites for ‘Cash in Hand’
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Eisner & Associates of Baltimore uses Claymation characters to sell the Maryland Lottery’s newest game, “Cash in Hand,” in two TV spots breaking this week.
In the “Missed It” ad, two men sit at a diner counter. The larger man tries to demonstrate the game’s concept – winning $500,000 in one sum instead of increments. He begins by eating an entire baked potato, “all at once,” while the straight man looks away, missing the feat, and then turns back and tells him to continue. The foil tries again by eating a steak in one bite, but again his friend is looking elsewhere.
The campaign budget was not disclosed. Eisner was awarded the $14 million Maryland Lottery account in 1997.
The commercials will run in spot buys on network affiliates and cable channels in Maryland during prime-time shows such as ER, NYPD Blue and NBC’s Thursday night lineup. Support will include radio and point-of-sale work.
“The key concept for this product is that if you match seven numbers between one and thirty-one, you win all the cash, all at one time,” said Bill Mitchell, creative director at Eisner. “We were looking for a simple, endearing and demonstrative way to communicate this message.”
Eisner learned that most people want to get their winnings in one sum. Mitchell and writer Brian Kelley were eating at a diner when they realized they could visualize “all at once” with food. “Surrounding us were all these great containers full of ketchup, sugar, oatmeal and syrup that could be used to demonstrate a lot pouring out – all at one time,” Mitchell said.
Credits go to Mitchell, senior copywriter Kelley and senior art director Scott Margolis. Production was handled by Mary Holland & Associates and Will Vinton Studios.