All Nielsen LPM Markets Get MRC Accreditation

For the first time, all 25 of Nielsen’s local people meter markets have Media Rating Council accreditation, the research firm announced Wednesday (July 14). Previously, only the original 10 LPM markets had MRC accreditation.
The first market to achieve MRC accreditation was Boston, in 2002, followed by New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco in 2004; Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. in 2005; and Dallas, Detroit and Atlanta in 2006.
Achieving MRC accreditation is a long and expensive process for research companies, but a necessary one. Accreditation lends a level of credibility to research services for the advertisers and agencies that use the ratings to place billions of advertising dollars. The 25 LPM markets represent 49 percent of the population and 64 percent of the local commercial TV ad spending.
As part of the accreditation process, Nielsen agreed to improve how it deploys its Active/Passive meter designed to measure digital TV, initiating a number of quality measures. 
Accreditation for the 25 LPM markets follows a similar MRC vote to renew accreditation for Nielsen’s national ratings service.