all lifts are open

Samuel Darnall & Associates is moving slowly up the K2 Skis mountain, graduating from the green trails of youth market work to the black diamonds of the general market.

“SDA understands the market we want to attract because it is out there riding, skiing, snowboarding and surfing,” said Debbie Fuller, marketing communications manager at Kashon, Wash.-based K2. The company consolidated general market ad duties—formerly at Seattle’s Hammerquist & Halverson—at SDA, the client’s youth-market shop in Capistrano Beach, Calif.

The shop has created distinct campaigns aimed at new skiers and returning skiers. Billings for the season will exceed $1 million.

One ad now running entices teens to tap into their “sacred hunger” for extreme sports. The ad includes a vivid collage of extreme skiers hitting monster jumps. The tagline is, “Feed your need.”

Another print ad takes a less aggressive approach, encouraging 30-plus couch potatoes to re-examine their lives and get out and ski. It pictures an overweight, middle-aged channel surfer lying in front of the TV. The headline screams, “Find your pulse.”

The ads will run through the end of the ski season in major outdoor magazines across the country and in Europe.