TSR Advertising’s first ad campaign for videogame-maker client 3DO uses visuals and humor that may blow viewers away.
The New York shop’s multimillion-dollar print and TV effort comically touts games such as Army Men and BattleTanx. A spot for BattleTanx shows Gulf War-esque film footage of a fellow being captured by soldiers and yelling about an apocalypse. “I’m warning you, it’s a global assault!” he exclaims.
The Army Men spot for the Redwood City, Calif., client shows a newsreel-style introduction to animated soldiers parading down a street and being called to by voluptuous women. A print ad shows these men being flushed down the toilet, with the copy, “Air Combat–a soldier’s call to duty.”
“You play the game and it is going into the fantasy world, and the role of advertising is to go into fantasy,” said Bob Kantor, TSR co-chairman. “[The nature of the product] demands that we be edgier in the creative.”
Hands-on experience may be important, too, as evidenced by the TSR creatives “getting closer to the product” by playing the games at the shop, added Kantor.
Spots break this week on network and cable; print debuts in June general-interest and gaming magazines. They are slated to run for several months, said Kantor.
–Simon Butler