ALL IN A DAY’S WORKJim Bade and his three children entertained themselves during a recent rainy afternoon by leafing through The Workbook, a directory of creative talent.

Not only did they have fun, but Bade, a senior art director at The Marlin Co. in Springfield, Mo., and his kids won $7,500 for their afternoon’s work. They are the grand prize winners of a contest run by Scott & Daughters Publishing in Los Angeles in connection with its publication of this year’s edition of The Workbook.
Recipients of the directory were invited to match a series of photographs and illustrations with their creators, who were among the many contained in the 2,216 pages of portfolios.
“We went page by page,” Bade said. “The kids thought it was like a treasure hunt.”
As it turned out, the Bade children were correct. The family will use the windfall for a vacation, he said. Walt Disney World and Hawaii are the finalists for a destination, but making that decision apparently will require more than a single afternoon.