All In A Day’s Work

Wieden & Kennedy’s new work for ESPN SportsCenter moves away from its hilarious and much-lauded campaign featuring the lives of its anchors when they’re not on air and toward a focus on the athletes who watch the shows.
The central joke this time is that various ball players give testimonials on why and when they watch SportsCenter and how it fits into their busy lives–but all of them deliver their lines lounging in limos, on hotel beds or over late breakfasts.
In one spot, the New York Jets’ Keyshawn Johnson claims he wakes up at the crack of 11 a.m. to tune in. “It’s about commitment,” he insists.
In another, Ricky Williams of the New Orleans Saints hopes the show doesn’t tinker too much with its format, like the 1960s cartoon The Flintstones did when it introduced the little green man known as Gazoo. “What’s up with that?” Williams wonders.
The campaign, with the tagline, “Which SportsCenter do you watch?” is the first “tune-in” effort for the show, said Marianne Pizzi, an account executive at the New York shop.
–Kathleen Sampe