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All Bets Are Off

Let’s keep this under wraps. A new study says ads are the main trigger that nudges gambling addicts back into the casino, according to Reuters Health. The study’s authors, Jon E. Grant and Suck Won Kim, say even billboards can awaken the rascally inner demons. Other triggers include boredom, too much free time and thinking about winning. … Sanity prevailed last week when the U.K. rejected claims that an ad with a coffee bean strapped to a chair under a spotlight trivialized torture. The tagline is, “Getting more from the bean for a great full flavor.” … Finally, the mascots-behaving-badly file has a new entry. Deewok the Bear of Scotland’s Dundee Football Club was rapped for ridiculing police after they failed to prevent an assault on the team’s star midfielder outside the stadium. Days after the assault, Deewok appeared at a game waving a truncheon and handcuffs, and with a flashing blue light strapped to his head. Not everyone was surprised. “He was given an official warning [at New Year’s] after he shot a policeman in the face with a water pistol and mimicked being drunk,” a club rep told BBC Sport Online. “We did not deem this appropriate behavior at a family club.”