alien nation

The ubiquitous little pink Sweet ‘N Low package pops up in an unex pected place in a new spot for the artificial sweetener from Pedone & Partners.

In the 30-second TV ad, which broke recently, a night janitor at an observatory peeps through the telescope and sees a planet of buglike aliens, who are vacuuming, exercising and using Sweet ‘N Low.

The concept for the ad came about when Sweet ‘N Low owner Cumberland Packing Corp. decided to revive its original tagline, “Wherever you go … Sweet N’Low,” which hadn’t been used in 15 years, said Tom Cook, evp, creative director of the New York agency.

“We wanted to reinforce the idea that Sweet ‘N Low is an American brand icon that is everywhere, and remind people how prolific it is,” said Cook.

After bouncing some ideas around, such as finding Sweet ‘N Low in hieroglyphics or having it be used by tribes in hidden parts of the rainforest, the shop and client settled on the alien idea.

The spot is running on network television through December.