Albert Co. Hires AAR for Review

NEW YORK The Albert Co. has launched the first review for its advertising account, according to Barbara Gans Russo, president of New York operations for the client.

Based in Carmel, Calif., The Albert Co. negotiates with talent agents and music publishers on behalf of ad agencies to arrange celebrity appearances or secure song rights for campaigns. Recent deals the company has brokered include getting the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up” for Ford Motor Company and the Beatles’ “All Together Now” for Verizon Communications.

AAR Partners, the New York consultancy conducting the review, has sent a request for proposal to several East Coast agencies. Russo and company CEO and founder Jon Albert will be prominently involved in the process.

This will be the first time The Albert Co. has hired an ad agency in its 27-year history. Work will target ad agency professionals. A media budget is still being determined.