Alaska Air Warms Up

WongDoody is breaking its inaugural TV spots for Alaska Airlines, the client’s first in more than two years.
The estimated $8-10 million campaign for the Seattle-based airline includes three lighthearted spots breaking today in the Northwest, Alaska and Canada. They focus on the airline’s competitive fares and its service and friendliness. Previous ads took a more nostalgic approach.
One 60-second spot shows a pair of youngsters offering lawn-cutting services to elderly neighbors. One boy is surly and brutish, the other well-mannered and dedicated. The latter’s customer remarks, “Kid, you’re good.” Text reads, “Future Employee. Alaska Airlines,” as the spot cuts to a scene of an airline employee smiling and walking with colleagues.
A voiceover says, “We didn’t invent great service. We just took it to new heights.”
The tagline is, “Alaska Airlines. For the same money, you get more.”
“Our customers have told us that our attention to service is what makes us different,” said David Palmer, assistant vice president of marketing. The company is returning to TV to convey images that could not be expressed in print ads, he said.
The ads break in Southern California, a first for the company, on Oct. 5, said Tracy Wong, principal and creative director at the Seattle agency. There are two four-week flights scheduled for the campaign; the second will break after the new year.
WongDoody won the estimated $10-15 million account last year.