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Akia: Post-Bam! Transition

An executive with Akia Corp. in Austin, Texas, said the company will decide next month on its marketing plans following the resignation of its account by local advertising agency Bam!.
John Biebelhausen, marketing director for Akia, said the company will determine in April how it will proceed in selecting a new agency for its estimated $6 million account.
The company has a short list of agencies, including recommendations from the incumbent, it might choose from, or it may open the business to a full-fledged account review, said Biebelhausen.
“We have a transition plan in place as Bam! moves off our account,” said Biebelhausen. “This will be a time period where we look at agencies. We just haven’t decided whether to hire somebody [we know], or open it up to everyone and their brother.”
The company will continue with print and collateral work developed by Bam! since its late-1997 debut in the U.S. market.
Bam! was hired only last November, shortly after resigning the account of Power Computing. The shop grabbed an opportunity last week to acquire Nampa, Idaho-based Micron Electronics when offered creative and strategic development assignments for the client’s $55 million-plus account (see page 5). Both Biebelhausen and Bam! principal David Bernert said the client-agency parting was amicable.
Akia is a direct seller best known for its Radiance flat-panel, liquid crystal display monitors that require less desk space than conventional models.
The U.S. company is a division of the $200 million Akia Corp. of Japan, which was formed in 1995 by former Dell Computer Japan president Katsumi Iizuka.
The president of the domestic arm of the company is Dave Register, also formerly with Dell.