Airline Delays Prompt New Ad Medium

Airline travelers have a surprise waiting for them in baggage claim, and it’s not lost luggage.
CarroSell Inc. is transforming baggage carousels into a new ad venue by modifying the slats on conveyor belts to hold ad-bearing frames.
The cost of $35,000 per carousel each month yields a cost per thousand of $1.25 to reach consumers trapped helplessly before the moving ads for an average of 20 minutes, according to CarroSell. Individual ads start at $2,200 per month. “That’s a low price to reach the upscale traveler, the credit card user, the hotel user, the most desirable consumers in the country,” said CarroSell CEO Bob Schmidt.
Schmidt used to be a principle of the former Levine, Huntley, Schmidt & Beaver, which was purchased by Grey Advertising. His sales and marketing manager, Howard Ziff, was an internal consultant to outdoor media company TDI since its inception.
In use since this spring at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the medium will expand to New York’s JFK and Hawaii. The New York company’s goal is to be operating in 20 markets in the next three years.
Current advertisers at D/FW: Absolut vodka, Nissan, Polaroid, Citizen Watch, and Absolut has decorated an entire carousel with its city ads (“Absolut Rome”, “Absolut LA,” etc.).
“What really entices us is that it takes people so long to get their bags,” said a gleeful Mark Barnes, regional marketing manager of Nissan’s south central region. More seriously, he noted, “It really lended itself to our new four-door truck because we wanted to show how long it is.”